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The “Evil” Of The American Military

Posted by Chad on July 16, 2005

I enjoyed a nice little Garfield Ridge-lanche earlier in the week when Dave updated his blog-roll, and am eternally grateful for it, and in browsing his site tonight I came across a great story to share with all my newfound readers.

(Beat for gut-busting laughter over “newfound readers”.)

I’d like to Trackback him on this, but I don’t think Blogger supports it. (Or I’m too retarded to figure out how.)

Regardless…. If anyone reading this feels that those in the American military are nothing but sick, twisted, torturers, please, by all means… contact Webster and petition them to update the word “torturer” to read as follows:

Torturer (tor’-cher-ehr)- n. One who, upon taking a bullet in the chest, proceeds to provide medical aid to the enemy combatant who, just moments before, shot him/her.

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