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Welcome Alarming News Readers!

Posted by Chad on July 16, 2005

Mad props to Karol over at Alarming News for adding this little site to her blog-roll.

Take a look around, check out the penguins, and say hello if the mood strikes.

(Also, a small prayer for Randy Johnson to get his shit together wouldn’t hurt either at this point.)


3 Responses to “Welcome Alarming News Readers!”

  1. Chad,
    A hearty welcome to the blog world! Also glad to see more Brooklyn representation! When you say you love the Eagles, are you referring to the Philadelphia football team (boo!) — or the California rock band (OK — I guess…:->)?



  2. Chad said

    Unfortunately Rob I am referring to the Philly football team. I’m a central PA native and have to stick to my roots. I have however adopted the Jets as my surrogate team here in the city.

    The Giants… well. Yeah, I’m not a fan.

    (I do also enjoy the California rock band.)

    Thanks for the “hearty welcome”!

  3. Yaron said

    I do that Su Doku thing too. It’s f’ing addictive.

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