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CoD? “Over There” Review

Posted by Chad on July 27, 2005

Steven Bochco, the executive producer of the new FX series Over There was on O’Reilly the other night. I watched the interview to see if I could get an idea of what Bochco felt this show would portray. I recall him stating specifically that there were no political overtones and that the main purpose of the show was to tell stories.

Let me state for the record that I had preconceived ideas of what this show would be like when I sat down to watch it. Knowing that it would be very easy for me to find things that validate those opinions, I did my best to keep an open mind and give the benefit of the doubt to the show’s creators.

That said….

The first 30 minutes of the pilot got me angry. With only one (maybe two) exceptions, the majority of the main characters (and keep in mind, this is what I got out of it) were portrayed as either A.) People who had no choice but to join the army. B.) Defeatist. C.) “Monsters” who kill for the thrill. D.) A combination of those three….

Towards the end, it seemed to get a little less preachy (save the obligatory Abu Ghraib reference). I’m not going to detail specific scenes, but there were a few that, for someone like myself who has never been in combat, helped give a sense of what war is like and the toll it takes on not only the soldiers, but their family members here in the States as well.

Were it not for the “This season on Over There” scenes at the end, I doubt I would’ve tuned in again to watch it. However… I’m curious. This has never been done before – having a television show depicting a war that is currently going on.

I’d like to say that the creators have no extraneous motives behind this….

I’d like to say that… but I’m not so sure.


10 Responses to “CoD? “Over There” Review”

  1. West said

    It was undisguised leftist propaganda. The soldiers were portrayed as fatalistic, loser knuckledraggers,each with their own leftist axe to grind. with one ‘smart’ guy – who’s nickname was ‘dim’. Please. The sargeant was worse, but simpler – just a pissed off psychopath.

    I have not seen combat, but I was trained in small unit tactics, and the pilot was a joke in so many ways that t’s just not worthwhile to list them.

    Some of the SNAFU stuff depicted was certainly somewhat authentic – it IS the Army, after all, but it was laid on so thick it was ridiculous.

    FX has been a hotbed of leftist propaganda recently – who owns them, amyway?

  2. Chad said

    I’m not sure exactly who owns them. For some reason I want to say that it’s affiliated with whoever owns the Fox networks, but that’s just a guess.

    I agree with a lot of what you said. However, I am gonna give it one or two more episodes before I make a concrete decision on whether or not it’s thinly veiled leftist propaganda.

  3. Jessica said

    Interesting, I had a bit of a different take on the show. Of course it’s hard to tell from the first episode which direction they are going in, but it seemed to me like they tried to shy away controversy and focus in on the day to day lives of being in combat. We’ll talk next week…

  4. I felt the same way. I’m gonna stick around to see if it gets any better, but I think I’m probably gonna end up walking away from it angry.

    As far as FX’s editorial slant I couldn’t agree more. The Oilstorm movie was so bad I laughed throughout the whole thing. You’d think they would have talked to at least one person in the industry to see if it anything that happened was even plausible, but they didn’t. Bochco has an okay record on his own, but I’m not very hopeful.

  5. mcmorris said

    Give the show another chance? See another episode just to make sure? Are you kidding? That show has one theme: the soldiers are weak victims of class and race oppression who have no character, intelligence or professionalism. They’re poorly fed, poorly trained in tactics by an uncaring military, believe in nothing, harbor racist and class resentment, are irresponsible and emotionally wrought in dire circumstances, are thrown into combat without support, have abandoned their families and futures for nothing, and (judging by one of the last scenes) they’ve squandered their “manhood” for a worthless endeavor while they are cockholded by their beautiful but neglected wives. This is not offensive just to the intelligence of every viewer, who is well aware of the professionalism of our military and the decency of those whom serve in our military, but a grotesque insult to those people. This is Durbin, personalized. The irony is that these soldiers are not victims of class and race oppression; they are the victims of this viscious caricature. The shame is that Fox and every other media outlet has shown nothing positive in iraq; the reality is that the American media sets the tone and standard for truth in the world and lives are on the line. Of course, it would all go away and could all be magically made better if the United States elected a Democrat. Think about it…

  6. The Oilstorm movie was so bad I laughed throughout the whole thing. You’d think they would have talked to at least one person in the industry to see if it anything that happened was even plausible, but they didn’t.

    You still feel as confident?

  7. Anonymous said

    Whose sorry now, you fucking flag-waving American filth? Fuck “the troops” and your piece of shit president.

  8. Anonymous said

    Good call, dumbshit.

  9. Anonymous said

    Ed Marshall — my nominee for “Shit for Brains” poster-boy 2005! How does your foot taste, motherfucker?

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