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Band Dork Alert!

Posted by Chad on August 10, 2005

Tomorrow kicks off the Drum Corps International finals competition. DCI will be doing a live broadcast of the quarter final contest tomorrow to numerous theaters throughout the country. If anyone is interested, the Regal cinema in Union Square is where it’s at.

Thursday nights are usually reserved for drinking by most of the New York population, but if you have nothing else to do for 6 hours and can spare the $15 on Fandango, come keep me company. (Show starts at 5pm.)

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about but want to maybe learn a little more of what drum corps is, click here and here.

**Update** Due to overwhelming (read: “no”) interest for the DCI Finals, I have decided to post the scores for the top 5 corps for the quarter-, semi-, and final competitions for everyone (read: “nobody but myself”) out of the goodness of my heart (read: “because I’m bored and it makes me feel important”).

Quarter-Finals, August 11th
1 The Cadets: 98.050
2 The Cavaliers: 96.500
3 Phantom Regiment: 95.275
4 Blue Devils: 94.225
5 Madison Scouts: 92.525

Full recap and scoring breakdown can be found here.


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