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Gay Rights And Abortion….

Posted by Chad on August 15, 2005

… go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s hard to bring up one without talking about the other.

Woman #1: Roe v. Wade better not get overturned. My body is my business.
Woman #2: Oh my God, that’s so crazy you brought that up, ’cause I was just thinking gays should be able to get married too!!
Woman #1: (eyes widen in astonishment) … woooooow.
Woman #2: Girl, get outta my head!
:: Giddy laughter::

Right? You’ve heard something like that before. No? … Really?!?!

Well, as GayPatriot points out, groups such as the Human Rights campaign seem to follow that line of thinking. When it comes to SCOTUS nominee John Roberts, they posit that, “...abortion has become the litmus test for gay groups in deciding whether to oppose him.”

Well of course. Makes perfect sense. If you oppose abortion, you are therefore against gay rights. If you’re all about abortion, well then you’re obviously gonna legislate gay marriage!! Two plus two, folks! C’mon! Simple math!

Let’s not forget that Roberts did in fact work on a case for gay rights. This fact seems to have been lost on those gay-rights groups who now seem to be fishing for some reason… any reason… they can find to oppose him.

Crazy thought…. Why don’t we try basing our opinion on Roberts’ stance on gay issues on (and I’m just spit-balling here) gay issues?


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