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But At Least Bill Maher Is Back On

Posted by Chad on August 21, 2005

Caught a bit of Real Time tonight and watched Maher’s interview with Paul Hackett.

He’s the Iraq War veteran that ran on the Democratic ticket for congress in Ohio’s 2nd District and lost but is now popular among the Dems because his 48% of the vote indicates that whole shift-in-the-American-consciousness-that-will-undoubtedly-spell-doom-for-the-Republican-party-in-2008 “trend”. Anyway, he informs us that the war in Iraq is over and it’s time to bring the troops home.

‘Kay…. Thanks for the heads-up Hack.

Bill also had some political heavyweights on for his roundtable discussion. Former Under Secretary for the Dept. Of Homeland Security, Asa Hutchinson. Kellyanne Conway, a political analyst for CNN. And Official Spokesperson For The Ridiculousness Of Gas Prices, former comedian Chris Rock. Honestly… that’s all he talked about (with the exception of the one-liner about white people not joining the Army…. odd.)

I realize that Maher’s show is supposed to be political and funny (if you’re a Lefty anyway). But does that mean that you have to have another comedian on the show? I’m probably nit-picking, but unless the goal is to have him interrupt the other guests with his off-topic issue of gas prices, I just didn’t see the relevance of having Rock on the show.

Oh wait… Everyone Hates Chris premiers next month.


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