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I’m Lovin’ The Traffic, But…

Posted by Chad on August 31, 2005

What is this?

I recently had a post that GayPatriot linked to (many thanks to Bruce) and my traffic significantly spiked, so I thought I’d take a look at my tracking profile and see who all was visiting the site and where they came from….

BBW Southern Belles? That’s got me stumped. I’ve never heard of it and can think of no logical reason why this little site would be in any way linked to them. If any of you Southern Belles come across this, please… enlighten me.

Much obliged.

::Tips hat::


2 Responses to “I’m Lovin’ The Traffic, But…”

  1. I’m glad Gay Patriot linked to you. I enjoy the blog. And you’ve gotten me totally hooked on Su-Doku.

  2. prismsentence said

    Isn’t that the Big Beautiful Woman beauty pagaents? That is a little bit odd. You turning?

    Cake or Death is a much better title for a blog. I saw Izzard when I was still living in Britain. And of course I have all his stuff =)

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