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Terry Tate: Office Linebaker

Posted by Chad on August 31, 2005

Like many children, Terry was born.

Not sure how old this is, but Reebok made up some pretty funny advertisements with a fictional football linebacker. 6 videos, each about 3 or 4 minutes on average.

Do yourself a favor and watch ’em.


3 Responses to “Terry Tate: Office Linebaker”

  1. Whoa, that’s OLD, man. Like, three years old.

    But hey, still damn funny, so I’ll cut you some slack ;-).

  2. Chad said

    I knew it had to be. But I had never seen it before. God… please tell me that I’m not suffering from Ace-syndrome a mere two months into blogging…

  3. Ya live and learn.

    My problem was, I made such a big stink about Ace’s links that I’m now paranoid that I’ll link something old on accident and get laughed off my site. It really means I’ve got to research my links.

    Pain in da tuchus, lemme tell ya.

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