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Google The Word “Bias”?

Posted by Chad on September 15, 2005

Odds are this is already known to most of you (I have this almost mutant-like ability to consistently be about two or three years behind the curve when it comes to this stuff), but who knows. Maybe you’re about to learn something new.

Go to Google. Type in the word “failure”. Search it.

What is the first site on the list? It will take you directly there if you hit the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. (Here it is for those too lazy.)

Now, I’m not a computer techie and therefore not entirely sure how Google works, but I always just assumed that it searches for and brings up sites containing whatever keyword you entered. I read the bio and didn’t see one instance of the word “failure”.

So I Yahoo’d “failure” as well. Just to see. No Bush.

To be fair, the site right below the president’s bio on Google’s search belongs to Your Friend and Mine, Michael Moore.

Regardless…. I was hoping that the one facet of our society that might be devoid of partisan hackery would be the search engine.

How foolish of me.

**Update** Ace has informed me that this really is quite old. (So you can save it, Dave.) He also brought up the point that while it could very well be a bias on Google’s part, it may have something to do with their software and a sort of “Google-bombing” where two commonly searched names are linked together automatically (such as “Bush” and “failure”).

Learn something new every day.


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