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CoD? Commander In Chief Review

Posted by Chad on September 27, 2005

Call me close-minded. Call me suspicious. Call me politically bigoted. I really see no way that this show can be seen as anything other than a multiple orgasm for liberals.

First, we have a female in the Oval Office. None other than Geena Davis. Now, I have no problem with this. There are plenty of women out there that I would have no problem whatsoever in voting for. Lt. Ellen Ripley – let’s face it… bitch kicks ass. Parker Posey – I would fork over an exorbitant sum to hear her drop, “I just hate you… and I hate your ass face!” on Kofi Annan. Or how ’bout Richard Simmons? At least we’d all be fit as hell.

The issue here isn’t really the fact that a chick is running the show, it’s how she got the job. A Republican candidate with a 40% approval rating chooses an “independent” female as a running mate to up his poll numbers. Not based on merit. Not based on experience. She’s got a pair of fun-pillows and a hoo-ha. He then makes the mistake of having a brain aneurysm and dies.


Second, being that there’s a 99.999995327% chance that this show was penned by people with, how shall we say… left-leaning tendencies, we’re naturally going to have a hard-lining right wing Speaker who encourages the female VP to heed the president’s wish and resign from office, thereby giving him the White House. I saddens me to think of the scores of Hollywood liberals that leapt at the chance to play this evil Gingrich-like role who has a Bible on hand at every moment just on the off chance that someone must be sworn into office in a public restroom, only to be edged out by Donald Sutherland. However will they fuel their private jets now….?

Needless to say, I expected all this. I saw the commercials. I know where it’s coming from. Give me something that really shocks me.

Ok. How ’bout making the new President’s first move in office a military operation to free… what? An oppressed people under rule of a dictator known to indiscriminately gas them? A continent under threat of a fascist ruler bent on wiping out entire races of people? Nope. A woman in Nigeria who is set to be tortured and executed for having sex. A noble cause, no doubt. The best thing to convince the fictional American public and the very real viewing audience that you’re “not gonna’ take any shit!”??? … Not so sure.

Even before her off-the-cuff speech in front of Congress, I could see Geena Davis transforming into Mecca-Hillary! And that’s really all I saw this to be – a thinly veiled glimpse of what it would be like should an “independent” woman (read: Hillary) become president.

I really wish that I could just sit back, watch, and enjoy shows like this and Over There. But with the current political climate as is, and the liberal left doing anything possible to regain a foothold, I just can’t help but see ulterior motives in every single thing they do.

This show being no exception.


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