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I Couldn’t Agree More

Posted by Chad on October 3, 2005

AFI tends to be a little out of touch when it comes to their various rankings of all things film. Their pick for the Number One Movie Quote Of All Time, for example, was that, “My dear Frank, I don’t give a darn,” dreck from Blown Away In The Air. Or something like that. The flick was made back in 1703. Any half-knowledgeable person knows that the best line of all time comes from Teri Garr in Young Frankenstein:

He vould have an enormous Schwanstooker!

However, the folks at AFI have redeemed themselves in one certain category – that of the film score. I know, I know. It’s part of the dork in me that I actually not only collect, but enjoy and listen quite often to the occasional film score. I’m not talking about film soundtracks where already overpaid artists like Christina “I’m-Not-Wearing-Underwear” Aguilera get even more money to do remakes of classic songs. I’m talking about full on orchestral works by composers with actual musical talent.

Hands down, the best of this group is John Williams.

And that’s why, out of the top 25 film scores in history, he owns three of the spots:

#14 – E.T. One of the most successful films of all time and one of the few that can still get me choked up, due in large part to Williams’ score. (Yeah, I admitted it.)

#6 – Jaws. If you had a younger sibling, this was the tune you tormented them with in the pool.

And finally:

#1 – Star Wars. By far, probably the most recognized theme in the history of film. ‘Nuff said.

Congrats to my boy Johnny. Keep makin’ the music.

For those of you interested, the full list can be found here.


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