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This Just In!!

Posted by Chad on November 19, 2005

The collective brain trust (oxymoron, I know) over at the DailyKos reports that the “up or down” vote on an Iraq withdrawl was a stunt!!

A stunt, ya hear?!? S-T-U-N-T, STUNT!

Them Kos-ers shur is reely reeley intelim… intele… intelimeg…. uhhh…. smahr. T.

…. Of course it was a stunt.

The beauty of this whole thing, and the reason I’ve started becoming so fond of Democrats lately, is their ability to spin and distort their own, how shall we say, lack of balls-i-ness, in an attempt to save face in the larger picture.

In their minds, this whole thing wasn’t about taking Dems to task about their stance on Iraq. No, no. This was just an attempt to smear a Marine veteran. Nevermind the fact that the Left has been harping that Bush took us to war based on lies and that it’s a Vietnam like quagmire and we should bring the troops home now. And nevermind that, when actually given a chance to stand by those convictions and vote, the House voted 403-3 to reject bringing the troops home. Nevermind that no leg remains for the Dems to stand on this issue.

It was all about McCarthying Murtha.

Mother Sheehan, your children have wandered. Your flock is aimless. Or gutless. One of the two.

Strike that….

Probably both.


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