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Shiny, Happy People

Posted by Chad on November 21, 2005

When it comes to people with views different from their own, the folks over at DU have never really been the poster children for peace, love, and happiness (or for sanity, compassion, and tolerance for that matter). This isn’t really news to anyone. But apparently, life under the Bush administration is like a pressure cooker. Over the past six years, Bushitler and his ilk have slowly, yet systematically applied ever increasing political strain on these poor souls. (The latest official measurement is somewhere in the vicinity of 12,000 pounds of right-wing ideology per square inch.)

Understandably, their little rational leftist brains have started to bleed, causing some to lash out. Michelle Malkin links to a recent email from a DUer who has reached the “boiling point”.

Some highlights:

I can no longer peacefully co-exist with these people. They are accessories. They are co-conspirators, willful or ignorant, misguided or fearful, it matters not. They are ALL Guilty. I cannot have these people around me. I cannot have them in my personal space. I do not have children, but if I did I would not accept them being around my children.

They are merely parasites who want to STEAL EVERYTHING for THEMSELVES, and leave the rest of us for DEAD.

Someone needs to say it. Ultimately, we MAY NOT be able to deal with them in a peaceful, reasonable manner. They are not going to give up what they have gained
legally and peacefully.

Now, obviously, “these people” are Republicans. Anyone who voted for Bush. The evil “THEM”. However… random capitalization aside, this lefty is way ahead of the curve. Rather than take the typical Democratic stance of bitching about problems and not offering any solutions, this guy has it all figured out….

Kill Yourself.

Warms the heart, doesn’t it? You feel the love? I know I do.

Whether it’s our friend Mr. Kambon calling for the extermination of the white race, Ward Churchill offering up support for fragging, or this kid suggesting that those anywhere on the right of the political spectrum commit suicide, there seems to be a growing obsession within the Left for the death of those with whom they disagree.

O’ peaceful hippie, where hast thou gone…?


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