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The Diarrhea Monologues

Posted by Chad on December 11, 2005

This woman’s 15 minutes are just never ending….

Nobel laureate Dario Fo has written a one-woman play (a la Ensler) based on Sheehan’s letters to President Bush, Peace Mom.

Stakeouts, protests, public arrests, book signings, and now… live theater. One would think that this much public attention might begin to put some strain on the woman’s credibility and finally bring her motives into question. But no….

She’s like that damn Energizer bunny. Banging her drum and twirling around, continuing to provide the moonbats with the steady cadence of appeasment and withdrawl retreat that they so desperately need.

It was amusing at first. Now I just want to meet her to have an opportunity to kick her in the shins….


With steel-toed work boots.


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