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So This Is The New Home… Wipe Your Damn Feet

Posted by Chad on February 8, 2006

Couple weeks ago, I mentioned the possibility of moving from Blogger.  The random crashes and inaccessability to my site was giving me a touch of the crazies.  Some of you had suggested TypePad, but after seeing what my buds over at The Malcontent had gone through this week, well… no thanks.

GayPatriot linked to ThatGayConservative‘s new site here at WordPress, so I figured I’d check it out.  I liked what I saw (for the most part), so…. Here I am.

Some fine tuning is obviously in order, namely the non-existent blogroll.  But that should be just around the corner.  Overall though, I’m diggin’ the new digs. 

Hope you do too.

16 Responses to “So This Is The New Home… Wipe Your Damn Feet”

  1. republic said

    Welcome to WordPress, its what I use as well, and I love it.

  2. New site looks great. 🙂

    Glad we inspired you, albeit in an indirect way.

  3. Chad said

    Thanks guys. Republic, I may come crying to you with questions and pointers and what have you.

    I’m pretty tech-dumb, so just a heads up.

  4. jwookie said

    Look at you… fancy-shmancy new digs.

    Now you’re gonna be all snobbish to us lowly blogger types, huh.

  5. Chad said

    What the hell are you talkin’ about Wook? You too can get these fancy schmancy digs for free if you so chose. And I won’t be snobby. Just a little condescending maybe ;).

  6. jwookie said

    I dunno… I’ve very resistant to change…

  7. Chad said

    I’m finding there’s a lot you can’t do with WordPress. No access whatsoever to the template. But, I would always F it up somehow when I tried to change something anyway, so…

  8. AGR said

    Congrats on your new hip digs Chad.

  9. Lisa said

    Nice blog, Chad. I also use WordPress so if you have any questions, just ask.

  10. Robbie said

    Like the new digs quite a bit. I’ve been using WordPress for the last two years and love it.

    Is WordPress hosting blogs now, too?

    What template is this?

  11. Chad said

    The template is Regulus 2. I’d like WordPress a lot more if they allowed access to the the template code, but that’s only done if you have your own host (which I believe you and Lisa both do). I like it enough for now. We’ll see how long that lasts :).

  12. Robbie said

    Yeah…I have my own host and own my own domain — so I do have full access to my template’s code. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    So, WordPress is hosting, then?

  13. Chad said

    Yeah. How does one go about getting a domain and hosting and how much does that cost if I may be so bold?

  14. Ahh, too many gay republicans here. Bored group.



  15. All you have to do is add links from the wordpress admin page, and there’s your blogroll. If your theme doesn’t pull by categories and you want it to, email me and I’ll tell you how.

  16. Lisa said

    The cost for hosts varies. And there are lots out there. A lot of them offer you a program called Fantastico, which allows you install all kinds of scripts on your ftp server with one or two clicks. I would check on under hosting, if you’re interested.

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