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Opening Ceremony Thoughts

Posted by Chad on February 11, 2006

I’m gonna’ have to say, aside from the usual boring stuff (Parade of Nations, IOC speeches, etc.), this was a fairly interesting production.

First, the bad: Seeing Susan Sarandon carrying a corner of the Olympic Flag.  Honest to God… what was that woman doing there?  At that point, I was half expecting hubby Tim to be the surprise cauldron lighter.  I had some syrup of ipecac on hand had that turned out to be the case.

The good: That long jump skiier dude that was made up of a bunch of Italians.  Yeah, he looked like a mutant Lego-man from the Sixth Circle of Hell, but… he was still cool.


The best: Jeremy Bloom.  To say I would do things to this man is an understatement of universal proportions.  The Kama Sutra would need about two or three more editions to cover it all.  And I would be more than willing to have him return the favor afterwards.  Granted, he had his winter Olympic gear on while marching through the stadium, but…

…. He doesn’t here.


10 Responses to “Opening Ceremony Thoughts”

  1. republic said

    I love him to 🙂

  2. Man, you guys bore me.


  3. Chad said

    Ridor, then do us all a favor and stop dropping your useless comments all over the place. My site’s boring, Republic’s site’s boring? Same for the Malcontent, GP, etc?

    Stop. Visiting. Them.

    Problem solved.

  4. republic said

    Will all the bored people please leave – thank you!

    Now that they are gone we can get the party started!

  5. AGR said

    My biggest question of the evening was “What the f@#$ was Yoko Ono talking about?”

  6. Chad said

    LOL. I totally forgot about her. I loved how she had to actually read the lyrics to that song. I could be mistaken, but I’m not sure they were word for word either.

    Something maybe lost in translation?

  7. David said

    ^No kidding. At the very least, Yoko could have taken some time to memorize her speech.

  8. RBinWeHo said

    Thinking “Peace” might work for her. For me, thinking about fit, muscular Marines and using bunker busters aginst terrorists gives me a warm feeling.

  9. Chris said

    Hey Chad you need me to tkae care of this Ridor guy??

  10. Chad said

    I appreciate the offer bud, but this is one confrontation I’m actually looking forward too. 🙂

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