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‘Cause 110 Just Didn’t Get The Job Done

Posted by Chad on February 12, 2006

16 year old kid pleads guilty to stabbing his mother last year… 111 times.  All because that damn nosey mother had discovered he was learning to make a bomb.

I’ve never looked into bomb making, or even tinkered around with pyrotechnics, so I can’t really state with any authority the rage that must well up from within one’s soul when a parent questions the reasoning behind your obsession with explosives.

But if this kid is any example, it’s a decent amount.


3 Responses to “‘Cause 110 Just Didn’t Get The Job Done”

  1. matt said

    i’m not sure he really is such a good example.
    having played with some “stuff that goes boom” before meself, i can state that watching things explode and fly everywhere gives you an odd sense of satisfaction, in a weird sort of way (old rotten hollow logs are good). then when my parents found out, my dad showed me a couple of rather upsetting pictures of some accidents involving homemade explosives, hands and faces… quickly putting a stop to my meddling. there wasnt really any rage involved at all.

    conclusion. some people are just messed up

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  3. republic said

    Living here in the Detroit area, I actually know somone who knows this family. Very sad.

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