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Duck Season… Wabbit Season… Cheney Season, FIRE!

Posted by Chad on February 12, 2006

Dick….  I’m gonna have to officially declare open season on you bud.  Sorry….

Kos and the Dems are gonna eat this up.

Pointer for next time?  Quail rarely (if ever) wear flourescent vests.  Or look like humans.  Just a friendly heads up.


3 Responses to “Duck Season… Wabbit Season… Cheney Season, FIRE!”

  1. jwookie said

    You have got to be kidding. I had to read the story twice, then go google it to make sure you weren’t pulling my leg.

    You can’t make shit like this up…

  2. sonicfrog said

    Oh, shoot! What’s the big deal. It was just a lawyer!

  3. Malcontent said

    I dunno, did you see the old dude? He has a helluva beak on him.

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