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Ballistic 2: Mom vs. Polar Bear

Posted by Chad on February 24, 2006

Just one of those stories that is simultaneously brave, touching, and unbelievably stupid at the same time.  (Like Rose climbing out of the lifeboat to get back to Jack… but not really.)

… Then she started kicking and punching the animal, according to police reports.  In a flash, the bear swatted her in the face and she fell on her back. With the bear on top of her, Angyiou began kicking her legs in a bicycle-pedaling motion. She was swatted once more and rolled over, but the bear moved toward her again.

A mom you don’t want to F with.  … From Canada no less.


3 Responses to “Ballistic 2: Mom vs. Polar Bear”

  1. Say it isn’t true!

    “Seeing Angyiou wrestling with the bear, he ran to his brother’s home, grabbed a rifle and headed back to the street. He fired a few warning shots.”

    Rifles! Guns even! IN CANADA!

  2. Wickedpinto said

    Colbert had a very funny bit about this incident.

  3. AGJ said

    Just imagine the mileage this mom will get out of this. How many of us have heard our mothers use the ol’ “I carried you around for 9 looooong months, and you were huge!”. This kid is doomed when it comes to motherly guilty-trips…

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