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Your Hymen’s Been Removed?

Posted by Chad on February 28, 2006

No problem.

So many new, disturbing, and somewhat frightening words in that article…. “Hymenoplasty“.  “Revirginised“.  “Designer vagina“.

Question for my straight reader (yeah, I’m talkin’ to you Wookie).  Is the desire in a hetersexual man to de-flower your girlfriend/wife so strong that you would want her to go through this procedure just so you could stake claim to her “virginity”?

Question for my female reader (I’m not sure I have one).  Is this something you would do for your boyfriend/husband?

Get… “revirginised”?

Thanks to Dave over at The Ridge.


9 Responses to “Your Hymen’s Been Removed?”

  1. jwookie said

    Staking a claim at her virginity isn’t a big deal for most I would assume. I’ve never heard anyone claim it to be important. I think most late 20s and 30s guys would prefer a woman who’s not a virgin. Wedding Crashers had Vince Vaughn nearly flip out when his last wedding conquest confessed he was her first.

    On the other hand doesn’t Islam require a girl be a virgin on her wedding night?

  2. Kath said

    Dude, not sure you have a female reader!? I’m hurt…. I even comment and everything 🙂

    And no, probably not. I think of virginity as ‘not having sex…until you do’, not just simply the act of tearing the hymen. Wow, this is a conversation I never thought I’d be in

  3. Chad said

    Kath, I’m so sorry!! It was just one of those days. My head wasn’t in the game. My most humble apologies. 😉

  4. Chad, I’ll get revirginized if you will!

  5. wickedpinto said

    Anyone hungry for hymen feeding is weak. Those men I know who LOVE virgins, in fact hunt them out, lie about their age, their job, their schools etc are lowlifes. By todays low measure for rape? I think that all of them MIGHT be readily charged with it based on their basic manipulations of women that they believe are virgins. I don’t think they ARE rapists, but I think they have the same motivation as rapists, they wanna make their mark, they know that whenever a virgin has sex, she will always drift into reference to him, until that woman grows and understands love.

    I’m a power monger in terms of my personal relationships, but I prefer other motivators that require an effort on her or his part to move towards loving me. (sexual and co-familial, and friendly, I haven’t slept with a man) I have a SERIOUS prollem with V-splitters, because, they want to write their name on a woman, even a bad one, as long as they “own that ass” for as long as possible.

    I find it disgusting, and for a woman to chose on her own, to recreate the hymen, is. . .sad.

  6. Okay Chad, that’s enough. There’s too much talk about womany, hymeny, vaginaly things going on around here. Ick.

  7. Chad said

    QC…. You gay or somethin’?

  8. I’m am the very model of a modern homosexual…yes indeed…

  9. xyz said

    I’ll pass on being a virgin (not that there’s anything wrong with that)again. And while I’m at it, I’ll pass on a man who wants/expects a virgin. Even my morman parents have accepted that their 31-year old, unmarried daugther is no longer is a chaste state.

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