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In The Key Of “Wrong”

Posted by Chad on March 2, 2006

Last night’s episode of American Idol separated the man from the boys.  Chris Daughtry (heretofore known as “Chad’s Boyfriend”) laid the smack down on the other 9 contestants with his version of Fuel’s Hemorrhage.

chris.jpg  (I love you.)

The other front running “favorite”, Ace (heretofore known as “Flat”) all but butchered that Daniel Beddingfield song that can only be sung by those whose testes have gone under the knife.


What kills me is that the three judges loved it.  Nothing wrong with the performance.  Will sail through to the next round.  Blah, blah, blah.  I have a problem with this.  The AI trio never seems to hesitate to point out inconsistencies in pitch, tuning, etc. with other contestants who probably have no shot at making the finals.  But they have a habit of literally turning a deaf ear to those who are favored.

Granted, I think Ace was just having a rough night.  He’s definitely got the entire package and will most likely make the finals even if he projectile vomited his contintental breakfast all over the stage….  He just has that look about him that gals and gays (the only ones who watch the show) love.

Just wish the judges would knock it off with the favoritism.  (And I wish Paula leave the strap-ons at home.)

Robbie over at The Malcontent has the Malcovision.


5 Responses to “In The Key Of “Wrong””

  1. jennifer said

    We will have to share, Chris. It is shameful to look that hot and be able to sing that well.

    Two words…

    “Walking sex”

    As for Paula, while she is obviously less crack addled this season, I think her wonder bra was too tight because she was even more vapid than usual. Honestly she says the same thing to everyone and then she nearly orgasms on the one or two she is hot for. bleh.

  2. Chad said

    Sorry Jen. No sharing…. 🙂

    I honestly have to say that his personality and his devotion to his wife and kids are probably the biggest turn ons to me. Not only is he hot, can wail, but goshdarnit… he’s a good person too.


  3. jennifer said

    A friend of mine linked both your entry and mine on the subject of Chris’ hotness. Figures since he appeals across gender he MUST be hot.

    Yes, the polite, humble attitude and devotion to a wife and kids that are not biologically his at such a young age is a huge turn on.

    We really should work out a way to share. 😉

  4. Dale said

    “Chris Daughtry (heretofore known as “Chad’s Boyfriend”)” … cracked me up. He is the only reason I watch the show (that is: He’s mine! I saw him first!) … Ace is the second-only reason, and really the two are not even close. I’d like to get in on that sharing thing if y’all work it out….

    The judges were a MESS last night… especially Paula… I’m pretty sure she was drooling so much she could hardly speak. Kinda weird, how obvious it is.

    Phew, two nights in a row of American Idol is a LOT; tonight, I think I need to watch PBS….

  5. jwookie said

    Yeah my wife’s infatuated with Chris and Ace too. Sure they can sing, but someone here has to bring up the hot chicks…

    Becky, Becky. Whereforartthou Becky

    She just has sex dripping off her…

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