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Behind The Times (My Weekend In A Nutshell)

Posted by Chad on March 6, 2006

I’m the type of person who refuses to get into a show if I haven’t been following it from the beginning.  Most of my friends hopped right on the LOST bandwagon when it first aired and I happily waved goodbye to them as they flew off into the sunset, content with the women of Wysteria Lane.

For shame, Chad….  For shame.

Long story short, my roomie’s sister stopped by this weekend with the complete first season of LOST on DVD.  And there I sat.  3 nights.  24 episodes.  Countless beers.

I’m in the process of “acquiring” this seasons episodes at the moment….

After that, I just need to figure out how to acquire Jack….



5 Responses to “Behind The Times (My Weekend In A Nutshell)”

  1. Tim said

    Don’t get too attached, I loved the show follwed every episode, now I can’t evn bother to watch the episodes i dvr’d i hate what they’ve down with the charecters this season.

  2. I’m with you – just got hooked on “24”. Problem is, I just got hooked THIS season, so I’m trying to catch up by watching the entire first season.

    (and I don’t get the continuity. At all. Like, Palmer. If each season is a day…does that mean he was president for 2 days or something? Or is there a time lapse between seasons? I’m so confused.)


    I’ve given up on catching up on “Lost”. But I hear it’s a terrific show.

    Terrific, blog, too.
    I like your style.

  3. Chad said

    I just got hooked on 24 as well. And just to clarify, each season is one day, but the seasons themselves are not consecutive. I think in the world of the show, the previous season was about a year and a half ago.

    “Lost” is crack. Only better.

    And thanks for the compliments. 😉

  4. Patrick said

    I got over Lost before the end of the first season. I need some resolution dammit! Don’t string me along for two years1

    I prefer Grey’s Anatomy.

  5. bany said


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