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Madonna: Like A Robin

Posted by Chad on March 7, 2006

As if it couldn’t be more apropos, Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes is obsessed with gay people (thus reinforcing the argument that the fascination with all things homo just might be genetic).

Seems as though her daughter (who will occasionally travel under the alias “Wednesday Addams”) had informed Mommie Dearest that there’s talk going round of her being gay… ‘Cause of that pesky kiss between her and Mrs. Federline a couple years back.

While you gotta love Wednesday’s honesty and inquisitiveness, Madge opted to forego the explanation that “Mommy just needed a little more air-time”, and took the more… spiritual route:

…it just means I kissed Britney Spears. I am the mommy pop star and she is the baby pop star. And I am kissing her to pass my energy on to her.

It would appear that the Kabbalah definition of cross-dressing-as-a-groom-so
pretty much boils down to simple energy transfer.


Unfortunately, after staring at this picture long enough, I think I discovered the inspiration for Madonna’s ethereal explanation….

Robin feeding young.jpg

…. Energy transfer.


9 Responses to “Madonna: Like A Robin”

  1. EW! Gross!

    You just *had* to go there, didn’t you.

    Poor Lourdes. Makes one wonder how screwed up that poor kid’s gonna be. I feel for poor Sean Preston Federline, too. I’d demand new parents if my daddy was Cleatus…

  2. Kath said

    Yeah, I’m thinkin’ those kids are in no way even going to approach normality. Not that there is such a thing, but if there was… And thanks for the pictures. Sad, just sad.

  3. jwookie said

    That’s the best energy transfer I’ve seen in a while… though I wonder where I’ve seen this before.

  4. Yeah, Kath, no kidding. “Normal. Compared to what, exactly?”

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  7. You said


  8. spammR said


  9. Seems as though her daughter (who will occasionally travel under the alias “Wednesday Addams”) had informed Mommie Dearest that there’s talk going round of her being gay… ‘Cause of that pesky kiss between her and Mrs. Federline a couple years back.

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