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Right There With Ya’ Rove

Posted by Chad on February 27, 2006

Hillary! has a stalker, everyone.  Apparently, when not plotting meteorological courses for Category 5 hurricanes and tossing friends of the veep into his line of fire, Rove “obsesses” about Ms. Clinton.

Honestly though….  Who doesn’t?

My own personal fantasy with the Hillmeister involves a ball-gag, a couple whips, some blindfolds, a pair of 2x4s, 3-day old oatmeal, a litter of kittens, and a pressurized water hose (the kind used for cleaning siding).

Yeah… you know what I’m talkin’ about.


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Something Awful: Fashion SWAT – MySpace

Posted by Chad on February 19, 2006

Every now and then I enjoy hopping on over to Something Awful to see what the Fashion SWAT team of Zack and Dr. Thorpe are skewering.  This time around, I happened across their latest victims: MySpace.  Some of the images are a little too disturbing to have openly on the front page, so… click “more” at your own risk.

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Posted by Chad on February 19, 2006

Found this via Not A Desperate Housewife.


Be afraid….  Be very afraid.

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