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Moving…. Again

Posted by Chad on March 15, 2006

It’s true, the old saying.  “Don’t know what ya’ got, ’till it’s gone.”  There are things here at WordPress that I really digged.  But more others that I really didn’t.

So, I’m back at the old Blogger site (with a new look and a bigger picture for some reason.)

Sorry for being such a fickle little slut.  Won’t happen again.


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So This Is The New Home… Wipe Your Damn Feet

Posted by Chad on February 8, 2006

Couple weeks ago, I mentioned the possibility of moving from Blogger.  The random crashes and inaccessability to my site was giving me a touch of the crazies.  Some of you had suggested TypePad, but after seeing what my buds over at The Malcontent had gone through this week, well… no thanks.

GayPatriot linked to ThatGayConservative‘s new site here at WordPress, so I figured I’d check it out.  I liked what I saw (for the most part), so…. Here I am.

Some fine tuning is obviously in order, namely the non-existent blogroll.  But that should be just around the corner.  Overall though, I’m diggin’ the new digs. 

Hope you do too.

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Never Too Early To Talk Drum Corps

Posted by Chad on February 8, 2006

Yeah, I know. I’m a band dork. Hardcore. I not only admit it, but embrace my band dorkiness. With that in mind, I had to pass this along.

My favorite corps (and last years champions) The Cadets are currently in rehearsals for the 2006 season. The have recently posted what seems to be the full audio clip of their ballad. Odds are this will interest no one but…. On the off chance you have nothing to do for 2 minutes, give it a listen.

Keep in mind, the season doesn’t start till June, so they’re 4 months from having it fine-tuned, and that persistent “ticking” in the background is what we in the marching band world affectionately call Dr. Beat (just something to ingrain the performers with the tempo of the tune).

If their other three selections are anything like this, I’m thinking a second championship is in the works.

PS – For those with an additional 13 minutes of free time, The Cadet’s complete show from finals week can be found here. (Love you Google Video!)

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A Riddle

Posted by Chad on February 7, 2006

I can make and melt ice at the same time. What am I?

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Is It Just Me….?

Posted by Chad on February 7, 2006

Or does there seem to be a lack of hype/anticipation to this years Winter Olympics? It’s possible that I just never got the memo stating that no one really cares about the Games anymore, or maybe I just haven’t been watching enough TV on the networks of NBC.

I just really haven’t seen or heard much about anything “Olympic”, and they start on Friday. Oh well…. For those of you who have a spot in their heart set aside for downhill skiing, lugeing, snowboarding, curling, and figure skating, I will be doing my best to keep y’all updated.

Especially with the figure skating.

…. I loves me some salchows. Especially the quadruple ones.

So everybody bust out your crowbars and let the games begin.

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Steelers Superbowl Champs

Posted by Chad on February 5, 2006

Congrats to Cowher, Bettis, Roethlisberger, and game MVP Hines Ward.

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Bring. It. On.

Posted by Chad on February 3, 2006

I just got done watching A&E’s presentation of Flight 93 when I came across this story. I will be the first to admit that my emotions at the moment wouldn’t necessarily be classified as “calm, cool, and collected.” (I think it may have something to do with red head-banded terrorists ripping fathers away from their wives and children, mothers from their sons and daughters, and forcing ordinary people to sacrifice their lives to prevent further tragedy. Something about that just fires me the hell up for some reason.)

But I will also say that those seeking to “avenge” the “disgrace” of their “god” that came in the form of a fucking cartoon should also be thanking their 72 whores that I don’t have access to The Button….

But you’d think that maybe Mohammad’s followers would try a more peaceful route of protest, to try to, you know, dispel the “myth” that Islam has some violent tendencies that may include strapping a bomb to one’s person. Right?


It’s so much more holy to strap a bomb to one’s person.

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The Idiots Guide To Running For Senate

Posted by Chad on January 31, 2006

Get arrested….

Whole bunches.

That’s it. Your flock will vote for you.

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Question For The Gay Community

Posted by Chad on January 31, 2006

Should Hollywood be considered homophobic in light of Sunday night’s snubbing of Brokeback Mountain at the Screen Actors Guild Awards?

I mean… aren’t these guys supposed to be our most ardent supporters?

We should’ve at least gotten Tom Cruise’s vote, yeah?

** Related news over at The PC.

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Yeah, I’m Still Here

Posted by Chad on January 29, 2006

Blogging has been a bit sparse lately, as I’m sure three of you have noticed, and I apologize. Bunch of stuff going on here in Brooklyn. New roomie, working late when I can, trying to get the dog enough exercise. All good times.

The main reason for my absence is, well… I’ve been moonlighting on another blog project. I think I might’ve mentioned this a couple months ago, but have only now decided to give it a shot. I had been tinkering around with the idea of changing the format here at CoD? to a strictly satirical site, but there were a couple unknowns inherent in that venture. A) Can I pull off the satirical thing? B) If so, can I keep it up on a somewhat regular schedule? C) Do I want to risk losing the readers I already have here. So I opted to go the “new blog” route. If it doesn’t work, well… I’ll always have Cake Or Death. I had actually started it a few months ago, but had been waiting for inspiration to strike, so there was no point in letting people know about it if there was nothing to read.

But that has changed. There are only two posts up at the moment, but enough I think to give a general idea of what the site will be should it catch on. I have no idea how often new content will pop up there, so I will most likely make an announcement here (at least for the time being).

So if you got a few extra minutes on this dreary, rainy Sunday, go check out The Pickled Cockle. (feedback is always welcome)

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